QAD UltraRest Hunter


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The Qad arrow rest hunter is one of the most advanced fall away arrow rests on the market. The arrow will not fall of the rest. When Stalking, drawing, or slow let down the Ultra-Rest is working totally supporting and capturing the arrow. VDT (Velocity-Drop-Away Technology). A patent pending feature that allows the Ultra-Rest Hunter to fall away only when the bow is fired. Super quiet and durable. Precision machined aluminium components, internal rubber bumpers and laser cut felt offer superior noise reduction. Shoot Shorther Arrows/Increase Speed. Offers minimal friction and zero fletching contact. Also shoots the shortest arrows possible. Up to 4″ shorter. Arrow Does Not Drag Across Bow Shelf. THe Ultra-Rest Hunter is cocked into the vertical ready position via the thumb wheel, capturing the arrow, assuring total bow shelf clearance when drawing or let down. A all in one capture and fall away arrow rest.

Choose either Right Hand or Left Hand model.

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