Fusion String And Cable Set For Any Brand Bow


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You are buying a new string and cable set for your compound bow. Please specify the exact bow brand, model and year (if possible). Some bows have the string length and cable length on a sticker on the bottom limb. If you have those specs that would be of great help. If all details have faided and nothing is there to identify those, the option of sending your bow in to us is available. You can select 2 colors in your string. Colors available  are:Black, White, Yellow, Green, Flo Green, Flo Yellow, Flo Orange, Red, Silver, Grey, Pink, Purple, Gold. The string will be made with BCY’s Trophy material. All loops are hand served. Wax your string/cables regular to get as much as possible life out of it. If you’d like the string set made out of a specific material or blend, please let us know and we will arrange that for you. 

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