Hamskea WayPoint Arrow Level


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The Waypoint Arrow Level allows archers the ability to easily measure the exact vertical and horizontal position of the arrow in relation to the riser shelf for either initial bow set-up or data collection once the tune is complete.


  • Construction: Billet aluminum

  • Laser-engraved rulers allow for accurate measurement of center-shot and arrow height in increments of 0.050″

  • Can be used to initially adjust arrow rest based on bow manufacturer recommendations

  • Can be used to measure final arrow center shot and height for records

  • Adjustable and lockable vertical ruler for measuring arrow height at full draw with no flex in the launcher

  • Can be used to check equipment tune and easily switch between arrow diameters

  • Perfect for use in pro shops, tournament trail, and hunting camp

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 8 cm


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