Carter Total Control 4 Finger Backtension


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The Carter Total Control Release is revolutionary. It gives the archer Total Control of the release adjustment. This hinge style release has two independent moon adjustments with infinite control over both the the speed and clicker length adjustments. Sipmly by tuning the two screws, you, the archer have Total Control over the independent moons to adjust them to the perfect, optimum position. This not only makes it the most user-friendly hinge style release but also the safest to draw. It has a new compact head that has scribed index makes for precise position referencing. The new designed head also has great lines and a sleek internal hinge that incorporates dual magnets for auto loading of the hook and head. This amazing hing from Carter Enterprises has an open index hole and silky smooth handle for an extremely universal fit. If you are an archer looking for the ultimate hinge release that give you Total Control of your shot, then be sure to grab the Carter Total Control Release.

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