Aimshot Heatseeker Camo


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AIMSHOT HeatSeeker HS3500C

Spot Game, even in the thickest woods! HeatSeeker tracks any heat source up to 300 yards.

Technology for the the hunt, security or law enforcement. HeatSeeker works by detecting heat sources and motion of heat to find game and bad guys. Temperatures are read as infrared light waves which appear on the digital bar graph display. A "squelch" aleart can also be heared through the ear plug.


  • Length 7"
  • Red Laser Wave Length 650nm
  • Output 5mW
  • Detection Range 0.3-300 Meters
  • Volume Increments 7 Levels
  • Battery 9V
  • Finish Camo
  • Warranty 5 Years Limited
  • *Range can vary in different conditons.
  • Mounts are optional

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm


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