Trufire Sear Back Tension Release Aid


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A back tension release with loads of adjustment options, the TRU-FIRE® Sear Back Tension Release gives archers a hinge-style release with superior versatility. A great release for competitive target or 3D archery, the Sear Back’s sure handling heavy brass handle features a versatile end piece that adjusts up to 45° so you can set it up as a 3- or 4-finger release. The 4-sided sear offers 4 click options, letting the archer choose no click, light, medium, or heavy click to match their preference. Adjustable hot/cold setting. 3 position thumb peg.
Manufacturer model #: BTR.

  • Back tension bow release with lots of adjustment options
  • Great release choice for competitive target or 3D archery
  • Versatile and sure handling heavy brass handle – set it up as a 3- or 4-finger release
  • 4-sided sear with 4 click options to match archer’s personal preference
  • Adjustable hot/cold setting
  • 3 position thumb peg
  • Available in: Red, Green, and Yellow (please specify on checkout).

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