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These HikMicro Habrok 4K HE25L multispectral binoculars are the perfect tool for hunters and spotters. It has the shape of a standard pair of binoculars, but it is equipped with ingenious technology that allows you to observe excellently in different situations. The Habrok HE25L has an optical sensor and a thermal sensor. Its housing has an IP67 waterproof certification. This means that it is dust-free and can be submerged up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes without sustaining damage. The HikMicro multispectral binoculars are equipped with a replaceable and rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery, which has a battery life of approximately 8 hours. It has ¼”-20 UNC thread for mounting on a tripod.

Optical sensor
These multispectral binoculars have an optical 4K CMOS sensor with a high resolution of 3840x2160p. It has a standard optical magnification of 5.5x, which you can digitally enlarge up to 4x, resulting in a maximum magnification of 22x. The optical module has a field of view of 12.0×7.2 meters at a distance of 100 meters. The HikMicro Habrok 4K HE25L multispectral binoculars have a built-in 940 nm IR illuminator with a range of approximately 350 meters. This allows you to observe during the night with the optical module.

Thermal sensor
In addition to the optical module, the Habrok HE25L from HikMicro also has a thermal sensor. This sensor has a resolution of 256x192p, with a pixel pitch of 12 µm, resulting in a very detailed image. The thermal sensitivity of less than 35 NETD ensures extremely accurate thermal images, in which you can clearly distinguish even the smallest differences in temperature. This thermal sensor has a minimum magnification of 5.3x and it has a maximum magnification of 17.2x. Its field of view is 12.2×9.3 meters at a distance of 100 meters and it has a detection range of 1200 meters. This allows you to see a large area without having to move to a new location.

All images that the HikMicro Habrok 4K HE25L multispectral binoculars record are clearly displayed on the high-quality 1920x1080p OLED display. The display has an image refresh rate of 50 Hz, which ensures beautiful, smooth images. This allows you to observe as comfortably as possible and you will not miss anything. To further simplify observations in different lighting conditions, the Habrok multispectral binoculars from HikMicro have seven different color modes:

  • Optical: day, night, auto

  • Thermal: black hot, white hot, red hot, fusion

Additional features
You can share the excellent observing experience that the Habrok 4K HE25L multispectral binoculars offer with a second screen. It has a stream function, so you can send the images to a smartphone with the HikMicro Vision app. This allows you to observe together with just one pair of multispectral binoculars. You can also share the images by taking photos or recording videos with audio. These photos and videos are stored in the internal memory of 64 GB and they can of course be viewed in the Sight smartphone app. This all-in-one Habrok HE25L even has a distance meter (LRF – laser rangefinder), with a range of 1000 meters.




Product code




Sensor resolution (pixels)

256×192, 3840×2160

Pixel pitch (µm)


Thermal sensitivity (NETD mK)


Optical magnification


Digital magnification

2x, 4x

Objective diameter (mm)

25 & 60




Adjustable objective

Display type


Display resolution


Frame rate (Hz)


Stream function


Battery type


Battery life

8 hours

IP code


Dimension (mm)

223x138x68 (lxwxh)

Weight (grams)


Including mounting rings



4 batteries, Charger, Lens cloth, Neck strap, Tripod adapter, USB cable

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 25 cm


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